Our History

1950 to 1959

August 1950
Fujimi Abrasives was founded and started production of synthetic precision abrasive commenced
March 1953
Fujimi Abrasives Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established
Supplied lapping abrasives for germanium semiconductor substrates for Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, the predecessor of Sony Corporation.
July 1959
Moved headquarters to current location. Began manufacturing high-purity aluminum for vacuum tube and transistor insulators.

1960 to 1969

Started production of FR polishing material (Fujimi Remi Rocks — cerium oxide) for optical and sheet glass
June 1960
Established the Tokyo Technology Center in Kawasaki City (Kanagawa Prefecture)
January 1961
Began manufacturing FS polish for germanium wafers.
July 1967
Announced the development of GLANZOX polish for silicon wafers.

1970 to 1979

May 1970
Commenced operations at the Inazawa Plant.
Developed “FDP” for grinding optical lenses
Developed the “GLANZOX” series of polishing materials for silicon wafers
Launched the “INSEC” series of polishing materials for GaAs wafers
January 1977
Began manufacturing POLIPLA plastic lens polishing compounds.
Closed the Tokyo Technology Center

1980 to 1989

October 1980
Head office building completed
Developed the “COMPOL” series
Developed the “MEDIPOL-N” series of polishing materials for hard disc drives
June 1984
Incorporated FUJIMI CORPORATION in Illinois, U.S.A.
January 1985
Commenced operations at the Kakamigahara Plant.
Launched the “FPW-E” series of precision grinding stones for silicon wafers
May 1988
Incorporated FUJIMI AMERICA Inc. in Oregon, U.S.A.
September 1988
Developed GLANZOX-3900 ultrahigh-purity polishing compound for silicon wafers.

1990 to 1999

November 1990
Developed the DISKLITE series, the first polishing compounds developed especially for memory disks.
October 1991
FUJIMI Abrasives merged three domestic affiliates and was renamed FUJIMI INCORPORATED.
October 1993
Developed the DIATEC-GTX series of disk texturing compounds.
June-September 1994
Obtained ISO 9002 certification for all production facilities in Japan and the U.S.A.
April 1995
Listed Fujimi's shares on the over-the-counter market. (now listed on JASDAQ)
FUJIMI-MICRO TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD's. in Malaysia. Established the joint venture.
Developed the PLANERLITE series of CMP slurries.
October 1996
Commenced operations at FUJIMI AMERIACA's Tualatin Plant in Oregon, U.S.A.
December 1996
Commenced operations at the Kakamihigashimachi Plant.
January 1999
Commenced operations at new logistics center.
March 1999
Obtained ISO 9001 for all production facilities in Japan.
November 1999
Made FUJIMI CORPORATION a wholly owned subsidiary.

2000 to 2009

March 2000
Obtained ISO 14001 certification for all production facilities in Japan.
May 2000
Commenced operations at the No.2 Kakamihigashimachi Plant
(Surface Technology Plant).
September 2000
Started R&D activities at new R&D Center.
October 2000
FUJIMI-MICRO TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD's. Kulim Plant starts operations in Malaysia.
December 2000
Develops the PLANERLITE-7000,new slurry series for Cu CMP.
January 2001
Introduces the SURPREX-W2010X,new WC cermet thermal spraying composites with enhanced impact resistance.
March 2002
FUJIMI AMERICA INC. won a Preferred Quality Supplier award from Intel.
October 2002
Succeeded with world's first ultrafine-grain thermal spray system employing a high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) process.
March 2003
ISO 14001 certification obtained for FUJIMI-MICRO TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. Parent company and FUJIMI AMERICA INC. received Preferred Quality Supplier Award from Intel Corporation.
July 2003
January 2004
FUJIMI EUROPE LIMITED (England) and FUJIMI EUROPE GmbH (Germany) start operations
March 2004
FUJIMI CORPORATION receives Intel's Prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvemennt award.
October 2005
Established an office in Taiwan
February 2007
Listed Fujimi's shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section and Nagoya Stock Exchange First Section.
March 2007
Withdraw from the list of JASDAQ securities exchange.
April 2007
Head Quarter Plant changes its name to Biwajima Plant.
May 2007
Established an office in Shanghai.
May 2008
Commenced operations at Kakamihigashimachi Plant No.2.
July 2008
FUJIMI CORPORATION received World Class Supplier Pathfinder Award 2007 from AMD.
October 2008
Established an office in Korea.
November 2009
Succeded in developing “angular nano-aluminium” as an abrasive material.

Since 2010

March 2010
Succeeded with world's first Novel tungsten carbide powders applicable to low temperature spray process of 500 deg C.
September 2010
FUJIMI EUROPE LIMITED (England) is transferred to FUJIMI EUROPE GmbH (Germany)
April 2011
Obtained JIS Q 9100 quality management certification for aircraft, space and defense (for thermal spray materials).
August 2011
Established FUJIMI TAIWAN LIMITED in Taiwan.
January 2013
Established FUJIMI KOREA LIMITED in Korea.
December 2013
Parent company receives Excellent Performance Award from TSMC
January 2015
March 2015
FUJIMI CORPORATION receives Preferred Quality Supplier Award from Intel Corporation.
March 2016
FUJIMI CORPORATION receives Preferred Quality Supplier Award from Intel Corporation. - two consecutive years
March 2017
FUJIMI CORPORATION receives Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award from Intel Corporation.
March 2018
FUJIMI CORPORATION receives Preferred Quality Supplier Award from Intel Corporation.

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