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Promotion of Women's Career Activities

Action Plan

Action plans have been formulated to organize employment conditions for the purpose of promoting women's career activities.


1 April 2016 to 31 March 2026 (10 years)

Actions to be taken

Women recuruitment and job continuation is already performed, while there is no existance among women working in managerial positions.


More than 10% of female employees in managerial positions.

Planned actions

Take actions on consideration and improvement on employment conditions in order to promote women's career activities.

April 2016
Investigate the current situation
  • Discussion meetings held between female employees
  • Discussions meetings held between supervisors or male employees
August 2016
Identify issues based on the investigation results of surrent situation
October 2016
Set goal image for promoting women's career activities
January 2017
Consider actions and develop road map in order to embody the goal image
  • Standard setting for positioning, training, appraising and promoting which applies to work in diverse ways
  • Implementation on career-building working program for employees balancing work and family
  • Expansion on supporting programs
April 2017
Take designed actions based on the road map
  • Development on corporate culture in promoting women's career activities
  • Review on Human Resource Policies ( Job Grading and Evaluation )
  • Consideration on implementing on working policies which support diverse and flexible working style
  • ( begins from April 2018 ) Implementation on career-development training for the purpose of supporting self-organized career formulation

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