Management Policies

Response to Anti-social Elements

Actions of the company are based on the policies described below.

1. Institutional response
Intimidation and demands made by anti-social elements that are a threat to society will be handled by the overall institution below the director level to ensure the safety of employees and not left to the responsibility of any single employee or department.
2. Association with outside professional organizations
On-going relations with external organizations such as the police and legal offices will be established to prepare for inappropriate demands made by anti-social elements.
3. Sever all relations and business transactions
We will not have any relations including business relations with anti-social elements. In addition, we will refuse any improper demands made by anti-social elements.
4. Respond by taking civil and criminal legal action
We will take both civil and criminal legal action in response to inappropriate demands made by anti-social elements.
5. Prohibition on clandestine deals and any exchange of funds
Under no circumstances will we carry out clandestine deals in the event of improper demands by anti-social elements, even in the event of an operational scandal or an employee-related scandal. In addition, under no circumstances will we provide anti-social elements with funds.

The company is a member of the Council for Corporate Defense and regularly meets with police and other council members to exchange information and receive appropriate advice.

The company also meets regularly with legal advisers including 2 lawyers which it has close contact with and has set up support infrastructure to receive appropriate advice.

The compay has a code of ethics and ethical guidelines and maintains contact with police and other related organizations. It is resolute in its treatment, and will not contribute or in any way be related to the profit of anti-social elements. We aim to make all of the company's directors and employees aware of such policies.

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