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Message from the President

President and CEO, Keishi Seki

In the FY2018 (April 2017-May 2018), despite ongoing political uncertainty, the US economy continued to be strong, Japan and Europe experienced a gradual economic recovery, and China began seeing a slight recovery. Furthermore, the global semiconductor market grew due to increased demand for logic and memory devices.

The consolidated results for this period are shown below. Net Income attributable to owners of parent decreased due to an impairment loss on plant fixed assets in extraordinary losses.

FY2018 Consolidated Results

Millions of JPY

FY ended
March 31,
FY ended
March 31,
Net Sales 33,092 35,788 8.1%
Operating Profit 4,278 4,872 13.9%
Ordinary Profit 4,519 4,728 4.6%
Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent 3,350 3,011 (10.1%)

Highlights for the fiscal period include sales of chemical mechanical planarization CMP) products totaling JPY 14,621 million, the highest sales to date for the third consecutive year. The basis for this comes from the favorable sales of products for leading-edge logic and memory devices, reflecting favorable conditions in the semiconductor market. Also, we received the Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award from Intel Corporation. Currently, we are improving the production systems for abrasives meant for next-generation semiconductor devices, and we are preparing for sudden rises in customer demand.

In order to accelerate research on the development of new materials (cemented carbide powders) composed of metal and ceramics and research on laminated molding technology, we introduced high-performance metal 3D printers. While resin and metal are common materials for 3D printers, by using cemented carbide powders, it becomes possible to create molds that are lighter than conventional molds, reducing manufacturing costs and required time. We therefore expect this to be adopted in the future.

Finally, regarding the CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) Fund, we have invested in four venture companies so far since its establishment in November 2015. Venture companies that have the ability to advance separation and polishing technologies were selected for investment, areas in which we excel. We will create synergy with our core technologies to further expand our business and explore new business opportunities.

We are grateful for your patronage and ask for your continued understanding and support.

President and CEO
Keishi Seki

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