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Management Policies

Message from the President

President and CEO, Keishi Seki

In the fiscal year ended March 31,2017,while experiencing an economic recovery in the US and slight improvement in Japan and Europe, China continued to face an economic slow-down. Furthermore, Brexit and a new administration in the US makes the world economic outlook increasingly uncertain. However, the global semiconductor market continued to pick up steam, with month-to-month sales modestly increasing since the summer, due to steady demands for logic and memory devices.

Under these circumstances, group-wide efforts were made to increase sales and reduce costs and the consolidated results for this period are as follows:

FY2017 Consolidated Results

Millions of JPY

FY ended
March 31,
FY ended
March 31,
Net Sales 31,755 33,092 4.2%
Operating Profit 3,302 4,278 29.5%
Ordinary Profit 3,342 4,519 35.2%
Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent 2,346 3,350 42.8%

Highlights for the year ended March 31,2017,include the highest sales to date of products for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), at JPY 12,270 million, overwriting the record of the previous term. The basis for this comes from the favorable sales of products for leading-edge logic and memory devices. Fujimi Taiwan is currently expanding its next-generation product line-up with hopes of a further sales increase since last year. Also, we received the Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award from Intel Corporation. This is an award that Intel awards the most outstanding suppliers for their achievement of reaching extremely high standards. We are working to increase sales of products for leading-edge logic devices.

In December 2016, we acquired the certification mark (known as: Kurumin) for "Corporations Supporting Parenting" for the first time by the Aichi Labour Bureau for achieving the content of the action plan derived from the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children outlined by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Our company strives to support initiatives that encourage our employees to focus both on work as well as parenting by creating a workfriendly environment so that all of our employees can exhibit their fullest potential. We will continue to further strengthen the support system for employees and their parenting needs.

Finally, in November 2016, we drew up our Medium & Long Term Business Plan, which is set to have the year ending March 31, 2022 as its final term. Based on the robust financial foundation that we have created to date, in the interest of growth, we will invest proactively in existing and new fields, as well as strengthen our core technologies and acquire new technologies. At the same time, we will augment shareholder returns as well as continue with activities focused on Corporate Social Responsibility. As one specific measure to boost shareholder returns, we are raising our consolidated dividend ratio target to 50% to be accomplished by the year ending March 31,2019.

We are grateful for your patronage and ask for your continued understanding and support.

President and CEO
Keishi Seki

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