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Analyst Coverage

(March 2019)

Company name Analyst name
Ichiyoshi Research Institue, Ltd. Koichi Hariya
JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Shogo Umeda
Tokai Tokyo Reseach Center, Ltd. Ryousuke Kiyota

*Company names in alphabetical order; titles omitted

The list above contains only the names of analysts who are confirmed to have published reports regarding the company. The analysts shown are subject to change. The company cannot be certain of all analysts following its results and it is possible there are analysts covering the company not contained in the list.

The list of analysts is provided to illustrate analysis of the company's results and forecasts made, but not to solicit activity in the company's shares. The company does not support or guarantee in any way the forecasts, opinions, or recommendations made by analysts.

Assessment of the company's results, operations, products, and technologies, as well as forecasts are solely based on the analyst's own judgement. The company or any part of the management team has not acted at any stage to bias this process.

Investment activity in the company's shares is based solely on the judgement and responsiblity of the shareholders involved.

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