Fujimi's strengths

A Unique Philosophy

Since its founding in 1950, Fujimi has developed its business based on a consistent philosophy. Our guiding principles have always been “sharing customer values”, “a positive attitude to problem-solving”, “continuously offering superior quality and advanced technology”, and “applying practical experience”. This philosophy has enabled us to develop 3 core strengths (communication, technology, and product), capture high market share, and make a contribution to society.

  • Communication/Being on the same side as the customer and “listening like a pro”
  • Technology/The ability to continuously generate the  superior quality
  • Product/Creating the best possible products for our customers


Fujimi produces a surprising number of products based on our core technologies that are customized to meet specific customer needs. Unlike commodity products, this means it is necessary for us to develop as close a relationship as possible with our customers.

Communication is essential to accurately reflect customer needs in product development. Every effort is made to look at a product from the perspective of the customer, to fully understand each requirement, and to develop the desired product as quickly as possible. Fujimi looks forward to developing protype products with its customers by relying on just this sort of communication.

Fujimi aims to always be on the same side as and to actively listen to its customers. By doing so, we hope to gain their trust and for them to approach us first with requests.


Fujimi aims to be a leading company in the abrasives field and has carried out research and development over many years. These efforts have given rise to 3 core technologies: “filtration, classification, purification”, “powders”, and “chemicals”. Our challenge is to innovate new products by combining these areas and to further the development of products needed by the market and next generation technologies.

We are committed to using our peripheral technologies and furthering our knowledge of leading technologies, and will retain our focus on ensuring superior product quality.

Fujimi takes its committments to innovation and product quality seriously. We aim to continue to develop and offer the best possible products based on advanced technologies that make use of our core and peripheral technologies.


Modern day society is constantly becoming more advanced through the never-ending innovations of information technologies. Fujimi products play an essential behind-the-scenes role in making these innovations possible. Our product line-up contains advanced technologies not visible to end users, but which are essential to improving the convenience of their everyday lives.

We handle a wide range of high-quality, useful products made possible through our long experience in sharing values and closely communicating with our customers.

We intend to continue to make the most of our industry experience to develop new technologies that incorporate our peripheral technologies. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from competitors by earning the trust of our customers and to make Fujimi the business partner they turn to first.

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