Message from the President

Keishi Seki

This 21st century, the world is constantly changing through technology advancement of many industries. This advancement will continue indefinitely. We, Fujimi, do not provide the final products consumers use directly, but we take a vital role by providing superior products and excellent services to our customers who produce end-user consumer goods.

We, Fujimi, mainly supplies abrasives to the companies who require such products in their production processes. Our products are not like PCs, cars or consumer electronics which consumers actually buy, use and/or see. However, our products are necessary for those who produce consumer products. By using Fujimi products in the production process, many companies produce consumer goods we buy, use and/or see.

Silicon, CMP and Disk businesses are linked very closely to consumer electronics industries. The consumer electronics industries use semiconductor parts to produce PCs, cell phones (smartphones), LED/LCD TVs, car navigation products, and Blue-Ray players that are integrated into our daily lives. Not many people are aware of semiconductors parts being used in automobiles, trains, traffic control systems and the broadcasting field.

Our Specialty Materials business also provides products for a wide range of industries. We have developed and produced fine abrasive products since the founding of the business, lens polishing abrasive materials for spectacles, insulator materials for electricity transmittal equipment, catalyst materials for chemical industries and polishing slurries used for sapphire substrate for LEDs which are replacing traditional lighting products at a remarkable pace owing to global environmental issues.

Our Thermal Spray business develops and produces powder products that form a film. It is not like abrasives that remove films or polishing surfaces. These products are used to protect and prolong life of manufacturing equipment from wear, heat and corrosion by blowing high temperature/high speed ceramic, metal and/or composite materials on the surfaces. These products and processes also help reduce environmental impact in such areas as semiconductors, LCD panel production equipment, steel mill rollers, and boiler tubes for power generators and parts for aircrafts. Our products can be used by a wide variety of industries.

Competing to keep producing superior products to high tech industries is very critical component for survival in this high-dimensional society.
To survive and win in this competitive environment, it is very important to come up with new ideas and cutting-edge technologies to our customers. In addition, many of our customers are looking for products quality, cost, delivery time and service. To satisfy all those needs and wants, we must master the skills we already have and surrounding technologies to develop cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to meet our customers' high-dimensional demands.

It has been hard to produce low-cost and high-quality products. To bring this into a reality, we, Fujimi, must polish our skills and create and improve products. We need to bring and offer products that will surprise and excite our customers.

Fujimi has been known in powder and surface fields for long time. We have been a top leader in these fields. We must not be satisfied with our current position and past history. We hope to keep growing and keep up with changes ahead. We need to offer challenging and creative new technologies to our customers. We, Fujimi, would like to be perpetual and a company with many possibilities.

President and CEO
Keishi Seki

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