Silicon Wafers/Top global market share for silicon wafer processing

Becoming a trusted partner

Our goal is to develop and provide products that fulfill market needs by understanding the issues faced by our customers. We strive not only to consistently provide high-quality products, but to stand by our customers and help them meet the challenges they face. Becoming a trusted partner is an aim we at Fujimi take seriously.

For further information, please see “Fujimi's philosophy”

Total solutions for silicon wafer processing

Fujimi's core technologies are: 1) filtration, classification, purification, 2) powders, and 3) chemicals. We combine our extensive expertise in these areas to create cutting-edge processing technologies and products that meet market needs. Fujimi offers a range of high quality technologies that span cutting to final polishing.

For further information, please see “technologies”

Globalization efforts

Fujimi set up its first overseas sales subsidiary in the U.S.A. in 1984. Our current global network covers North America, Europe, and Asia.

Fujimi continues to respond to the specialized needs of its customers and has won high acclaim in an increasingly globalized business environment.

For more information, please see “network”

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