Code of Ethics

We take pride in our work and strive to remain true to our motto “Fujimi-a company to trust” by conducting business in a fair manner and adhering to a strict code of ethics. Directors and management-level employees understand the vital role they must play in achieving adherence to our code of ethics. To this end, they will lead by example, ensuring greater awareness of the codeļ¾•s importance. Should violations of the code occur, every employee will work to identify the causes of the infractions, resolve the issues and prevent recurrences.

Basic Mission

  • Raise levels of customer satisfaction by offering outstanding quality
  • Provide safe products and services that contribute to technological progress

Compliance with Laws and Protocols

  • Comply with laws and protocols in Japan and overseas
  • Respect all intellectual property rights while utilizing and protecting our own intellectual property

Respect for Human Rights

  • Respect all cultures and customs
  • Realize a safe and comfortable work environment without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, nationality, creed, disability, or any other factor.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

  • Remain fully aware of environmental issues
  • Strive to conserve the environment by effectively using resources and helping to promote recycling


  • Disclose corporate information in a fair and timely manner to shareholders and the general public
  • Prevent misuse or leaking of personal or insider information

Fair and Proper Business Conduct

  • Ensure fair and unrestricted competition within our industry
  • Maintain transparent and healthy relations with business partners, affiliated organizations, and governmental and political institutions
  • Ensure that no profits are channeled to groups or individuals that threaten the stability of democratic societies

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