Social Action Program

Community Cleanup

In addition to regular activities to cleanup areas surrounding our headquarters and factory locations, all employees (including Directors) are involved in periodic community cleanup campaigns for nearby roads and parks.

Traffic safety campaigns

The Safety and Health Committee carries out seatbelt wearing campaigns 4 times each year in conjunction with traffic safety campaigns held by Aichi Prefecture.

Science Refresher Courses

Recently, young people have moved away from science and physics, and we view this as a threat to the goal of becoming a nation built on technological development. To overcome this concern, Fujimi participates in the “Refresher Course for Applied Physics”, which is sponsored by the Japan Association of Applied Physics and held at the Nagoya Physics Center for elementary and middle school students. The curiosity to understand how and why things work is fostered through experiments as we try to play a role in raising the next generation of young people who will carry international technologies forward. The focus of the project is to give educators at the elementary and middle school level ideas for experiments that can be conducted in science classrooms and during outdoor activities. The experiments introduced are fun for the students and give them practical exposure to some of the most recent technological developments.

Social Welfare

Fujimi makes donations to social welfare associations on the anniversary of their founding in the areas surrounding each of its production facilities (Kiyosu, Inazawa, and Kakamigahara Cities).

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