Disk Business/We provide polishing products that meet cutting-edge requirements and our customer needs for the hard disk substrates.

Customer trust

Since its founding, an important principle for Fujimi has been to develop and produce desirable products by listening carefully to customer needs. We strive to earn trust by not only providing products, but by meeting together the development challenges and other issues that they face.

For further information, please see “Fujimi's philosophy”

Experience, R&D, and technology

We aim for the highest level of professionalism in the abrasives business and are constantly undertaking research and development. Fujimi's unique strengths are in 1) filtration, classification, and purification, 2) powders, and 3) chemicals. Our goal is to make the best possible products by combining these technologies and to continuously challenge ourselves to invent next generation products

For further information, please see “technologies”

Global initiatives

Fujimi set up its first overseas sales subsidiary in the U.S.A. in 1984. Our current global network covers North America, Europe, and Asia.

Manufacturing capacity for hard disk drives has recently become concentrated in Asia, and we set up our overseas production facilities for hard disk polishing materials in Malaysia. We are aiming to strengthen local infrastructure by boosting the level of technology support to more rapidly respond to customer needs in Asia.

For more information, please see “network”

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