Product line-up

Products for various substrates

Glass substrates

  • Lapping abrasive
  • Final polishing abrasive

Aluminum (Ni-P plated) substrates

  • First polishing abrasive
  • Final polishing abrasive


Fujimi not only provides polishing abrasive to meet cutting edge requirements, but also supplies customized products to meet our customer needs. Fujimi is proud to offer the disk substrate polishing abrasive “DISKLITE”.

Materials and peripheral equipment Specifications, content
Aluminum (Ni-P plated) substrate
Polishing abrasive
Offering polishing abrasive based on alumina and colloidal silica
Glass substrate
Lapping abrasive
FO polishing powders
Providing particle sizes tailored to customer needs
Glass substrate
Polishing abrasives
Offering polishing abrasive based on colloidal silica
Environmental measures We design our polishing abrasive according to the waste water treatment facilities needs of customers.

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