Semiconductor Business/Standing by our customers Engaged in research and production together with customers

Creating leading edge technologies with our customers

Requirements of the rapidly developing semiconductor industry are changing almost on a daily basis. Fujimi helps to support the leading technologies of tomorrow by developing and providing in a timely way the products sought after by our customers.

Our product specialists are currently engaged in research and development together with customers in various fields. These joint efforts give rise to many future technologies and contribute to the steady progress made by the semiconductor industry.

For further information, please see “Fujimi's philosophy”

Semiconductor polishing technologies

Achieving an ultra-flat surface by simultaneously polishing materials with a variety of characteristics is an important goal of the CMP process of semiconductor production.

Fujimi has taken advantage of its extensive experience to set up leading research facilities that make use of the same polishing and measuring equipment as its customers, and that are based on its core mechanical and chemical polishing technologies.

Our development facilities in Japan, America, and Taiwan have similar high-grade capabilities to enable us to develop products in the same region as our customers.

For further information, please see “technologies”

Global initiatives

Since establishing a sales subsidiary in U.S.A. in 1984, Fujimi has taken steps to expand its global network. Our current global network covers North America, Europe and Asia.

More recently, we opened a representative office in Shanghai in 2007 to respond to the growing needs of the semiconductor industry in Asia. In 2011, we restructured our Taiwan office by establishing FUJIMI TAIWAN LIMITED, a local entity capable of conducting research, production, and sales, and in 2013, we restructured our Korea office and established FUJIMI KOREA LIMITED. These are just some of the measures implemented to strengthen our global infrastructure.

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