A wealth of experience in polishing materials for non-metallic films

Fujimi's slurry materials have a well-earned reputation for use in cutting edge processing, and based on our experience in selecting processing materials for silicon wafers, we can design products freely for use on non-metallic films including TEOS, SiN, and Poly-Si.

Polishing slurry for metal films (Cu, W, and other)

Fujimi has a well-established track-record for metal film polishing used in a variety of cutting edge devices. We have achieved low-Dishing, low-pricing, and high rates especially for Cu polishing, and offer products with outstanding stablity. Our line-up can be used across a range of generations.


Given the importance of the semiconductor field in Asia, we established this new facility to respond to growing customer needs by strengthening our sales and technological support in Taiwan.


Established in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park (Miaoli County), the facility is about 1 hour by car from Taipei. It is ideally situated in Taiwan and is also our central supply base for Asia.


In addition to polishing machines for cutting-edge 300mm wafers, our facilities are designed to respond to customer needs in as timely a manner as possible.


More than 10 specialized engineers are on call, enabling us to rapidly respond to requests.

International Certification

We are applying to recieve the same ISO9001 certification obtained by all of our factories around the world for our subsidiary in Taiwan.

An extensive product line-up

Our wide ranging product line-up including non-metal films is based on a wealth of chemical technologies and years of data. In addition to CMP slurries, we offer materials for hydrophilzing surfaces after the polishing process and rinses for improved cleaning.

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