Product line-up


“PLANERLITE” has been developed as a high-purity, high dispersion, scratch-free CMP polishing material with superior processing efficiency.

It is an effective material designed for high-level surface processing on wafers containing multilayer circuits.

Product name Specifications
PLANERLITE 4000 Series Slurries for oxide films
PLANERLITE 5000 Series Slurries for W
PLANERLITE 6000 Series CMP slurries for Poly-Si
PLANERLITE 6500 Series Rinse slurries for particle removal on Poly-Si film
PLANERLITE 7000 Series Slurries for Cu
PLANERLITE 8000 Series Polishing slurries for Cu/Ta and other barrier films

Other products

Fujimi handles slurry materials designed for a variety of purposes. Please feel free to ask for further information.

Use Product name and description
HKMG (High-k/Metal gate)
High dielectric constant film/metal gate

In addition to the leading edge device technologies on the left, we also develop slurry ideally suited to customer needs.

Please contact us for further details.


3D transitors
TSV (through-silicon via)
Polishing slurry for resins
New materials (for III-V materials, Co, SiC, and Si-Ge polishing)

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