Company Overview


Fujimi Incorporated, since its founding in 1950, continues to chart a pioneering course as the manufacturer of synthetic precision abrasives in Japan. Drawing on its precision grading technologies, accumulated experience and extensive research and development capabilities, the Company has expanded from abrasives for optical lenses to a variety of products delivering the ultraprecision products and sought by leading-edge high-tech industries.

Our lineup encompasses a complete spectrum from polishing abrasives for silicon wafers and other semiconductor substrates, to chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) products required for multilayered circuits on semiconductor chips, and abrasives for computer hard disks. Recently, the Company is cultivating new fields such as commercializing products for cermet (ceramicmetallic composite), thermal spray materials with drastically improved impact resistance.

Corporate Data

(as of March 31, 2024)

Security code 5384
Location 1-1, Chiryo-2, Nishibiwajima-cho, Kiyosu, Aichi Pref. 452-8502, Japan  MAP
TEL.052-503-8181 FAX.052-503-6166
Date of establishment March 20, 1953
Paid-in capital 4,753,438,500yen
Number of employees 1,110 (Non-Consolidated;791)

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