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President and CEO, Keishi Seki

Responsible for the Future

Problems such as global warming that affect all of mankind have received a great deal of attention over the past few years. Preserving our environment has now become necessary to ensure the very survival of our species, and we believe all corporate activities must be thought about from a variety of perspectives.

Fujimi develops new products that contribute to society. These products are produced using raw materials, and we realize that our activities have some degree of impact on the environment. There are negative aspects of this impact such as the emission of carbon dioxide and waste materials from the energy and resources used in production. On the other hand, there are positive implications including the contribution our products make to improving the functionality and energy-efficiency of electronic equipment.

Fujimi believes it has a social responsiblity to harness the input of its employees in an effort to lower the environmental imprint of its activities.

We also view effective communication with our shareholders, customers, suppliers, and nearby residents as an important part of our efforts to lower the burden on the environment. We ask each of you who visit our homepage to closely scrutinize the suitablity of our activities. As a global community member, we continue to improve our company by creating products that are kind to the earth.

Environmental Management

It is not enough for a corporation to simply reduce the level of CO2 emissions to deal with global warming. The introduction of emission trading rights and environment-related taxes will lead to higher costs. In addition, numerous environmental regulations on corporate activities are set to bring some costly changes in the way businesses are conducted. As relatively new developments including solar power, hybrid and electric automobiles. Demand for older technologies such as autos with high CO2 emission has fallen rapidly. While this has led to creation of new technologies and industries to reduce greenhouse gases, it has also caused the decline of a large number of markets, industries, and products.

Fujimi's environmental activities until this point have centered on reducing the negative side-effects of operations, maintaining compliance with all related laws and regulations, and preventing further pollution.

Recently, however, environmental activities have moved beyond preservation and environmental sustainability has become key. New global systems, technologies, lifestyles, values, and industrial structures are needed to ensure that the future environment is where all forms of life can survive and prosper. This development is poised to make a substantial impact on management practices.

Corporations face the need to rapidly make the organizational changes to deal with these forces and to respond to the new business opportunities they present. Sustainability of the earth's environment has now become synonymous with sustainability of a corporation itself.

Fujimi's response to environmental issues is far-reaching and cannot be fully realized with only the partial support of its employees and their departments; in other words, we require support of the entire company. All employees must improve their awareness and understanding of the environmental issues related to the business activities by analyzing and anticipating the environmental impact of the company's operations.

It is only natural to measure corporate value in financial terms, but it is now time for corporations to also be evaluated based on the social implications of their activities. This is especially so given the skepticism with which many of the environmental efforts of corporations are viewed. Employees must understand their responsibility to society and ask themselves on a daily basis what they can do for the environment. Fujimi believes that only such a company is truly environmentally responsible, and we aim to develop the necessary corporate culture to become just this type of organization.

Environmental management at Fujimi means becoming a company that responds on a corporate-wide basis to the challenges of renewing the earth and continuing to grow in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Keishi Seki

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