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WearWear-related topics

For improving wear resistance

Cermet materials including high-hardness WC (tungsten carbide) are used for harsh environments.

Major products:
Pump material, ball valve, baring
Thermal sprays:
WC cermet and others

ShockShock-related topics

For improving shock-resistance

In an environment where shock-related damage is an issue, our original products with enhanced shock-resistance versus previous WC cermet are used.

Major products:
Parts for construction machinery and pulverizer
Thermal sprays:
WC/CrC/Ni and others

CorrosionCorrosion-related topics

For improving corrosion resistance

In addition to protection against wear, cermet materials containing Cr particles are used when anti-corrosion measures are required.

Major products:
Pump part, ball valve
Thermal sprays:
WC cermet and others

ElectricityElectricity-related topics

For inducing electrical properties

Various oxides including alumina are used when requested.

Major products:
Voltage resistance and insultating material
Thermal sprays:
Various ceramic materials

HeatHeat-related topics

For improving heat resistance

For parts that have to withstand wear and tear under high temperatures, CrC cermet with high oxidation resistance is used.

Major products:
Boiler tube, turbine blade
Thermal sprays:
CrC/NiCr, and others

OtherOther topics

Please feel free to contact us to discuss cases involving wear and corrosion. We have the right material for difficult environments.

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