Legal Disclaimers

1. Investment decisions

The purpose of this home page is to provide information concerning the management policies and financial condition of Fujimi Corporation. In no way is this site meant to solicit purchase, sale, or investment in the company's shares.

2. Future forecasts

This site contains information other than historical data that is forward looking in nature and based on various assumptions and expectations of future developments. It is possible for actual results to deviate from the estimates shown for a variety of reasons, and the company bears no responsibility for any damages or losses arising from the use of information provided.

3. Information herein

The company has taken due care to verify accuracy of the information contained on this website, but bears absolutely no responsibility for any damages or losses arising from use of information that happens to be mistaken whether downloaded by a third party or otherwise.

4. Revisions or deletions

This site may be subject to modifications or deletions without prior notification.

5. Blackout periods

The company designates a specific period prior to scheduled release of financial results as a “blackout period” and will not make any comments or respond to questions related to financial information during this time. However, the company may make revisions to its earnings and/or dividend forecasts in accordance with regulations of the financial instrument exchanges on which its shares are listed during this period.

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