Management Policies

IR Policies

1. Policies regarding the disclosure of public information

Fujimi promotes the fair, impartial, honest, and transparent disclosure of corporate activities and is actively engaged in disclosing the contents of its operations to all stakeholders.

2. Purpose of IR-related activities

Fujimi believes the purpose of its IR activites is to enable shareholders and investors to reach an appropriate assessment of the value of its operations. To achieve this objective, the company provides the information necessary for investment decisions in a timely, fair, and consistent manner. We are fully committed to mutual communication with all of our shareholders and investors.

3. Promotion of IR activities

To fulfill the objectives of its IR activities, Fujimi believes it must provide to shareholders, investors, and securities analysts in an easy to understand manner information describing details of its operations, its financial condition, and its business strategies. It sets up a number of events to do this such as results meeting, one-on-one meetings, and other opportunities where management can talk directly to stakeholders.

In addition, we are also making our IR site more comprehensive in order to make possible the timely, fair, and consistent communication of business-related information in an easy to understand format.

We believe the exchange of information between shareholders, investors, securities analysts and management plays an important role in improving corporate activities.

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