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Dividend policy

The company deems the appropriate redistribution of profits to shareholders as one of the most important management issues. Regarding dividend payments, the company has a policy of striving to live up to shareholder's expectations by issuing stable and appropriate dividend payments targeting a consolidated payment ratio of over 50%.

The company is permitted to pay an interim dividend on 30 September every year at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The basic policy as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation allows for 2 dividend payments out of surplus funds each year (an interim and year-end dividend). The decision-making body for dividends paid out of surplus funds is the General Shareholders Meeting (for term-end dividends) and the Board of Directors (for interim dividends).

The current level of retained earnings is deemed appropriate by management to respond to expected changes in the operating environment. Management believes retained earnings are sufficient for it to meet customer satisfaction, strengthen development and production infrastructure, and enable it to achieve its global business strategies.

Trends in Dividends Paid


Currently, there are no special benefits for shareholders

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