Corporate Governance

Risk Management, Internal Auditing

The basic policies and development status of Fujimi's internal control systems are discussed below

Status of risk management systems

The company has established regulations for risk management. On flushing out a particular risk, an appropriate department is selected to deal with, and efforts are made to reduce the risk. In addition, the Risk Management Committee meets periodically to confirm and review the status of the company's response to various risks.

Internal audits and auditing by auditors

The Board of Corporate Auditors consists of 3 auditors, 2 of whom are outside auditors appointed as independent directors.

Auditors attend important internal meetings such as the Board of Directors meeting, offer suggests and advice on compliance-related aspects of the business, and explain their opinions. The legality and appropriateness of business activities are ensured through auditing the auditors themselves, and measures are also taken to strengthen compliance and corporate governance. The internal audit department and auditors have the full cooperation of the accounting auditors.

The Internal Audit Department consists of 4 members reporting directly to the President. The office conducts business audits and audits of internal controls under the internal control plan, and makes efforts to improve the quality of internal controls. The Internal Audit Department and the corporate auditors work with the accounting auditor as appropriate.

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