Corporate Governance

Public Disclosure Policies

The general maneger in charge of the Corporate Planning Department is responsible for information disclosure, and the Corporate Plannning Department is made up of IR and a section responsible for information disclosure. With the exception of the Internal Audit Department and IT Planning Department, which are directly under the President, all of the other departments of the company are under the Finance Department. The company controls important information by having the head of each department including those reporting directly to the President responsible for maintaining the safety of information.

The company has clearly established regulations for internal transactions and security measures to prevent leaks and improper use of corporate information, as well as to meet the regulations for timely disclosure related to having listed securities on a Financial Instruments Exchange. The responsible party in each department ensures that information is appropriately managed within the respective department, and the disclosure section confirms the legality and appropriateness of information that must be disclosed. In addition, regular disclosures require the approval of the Board of Directors, and the information disclosure section performs disclosure of the prescribed information.

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